For many years, China has been considered the manufacturer of the world. That was in the past, now there are many other manufacturers from other countries coming into play. Vietnam has projected to be a bright spot. It is the same with pop up card manufacturer. Vietnamese suppliers seem to grab their reliability and trust rather than the rest.

pop up card manufacturer


One more reason why you should choose Vietnam suppliers as trustful pop up card manufacturers that they can custom 3d pop up card to a very great level. Unlike the Chinese ones, they are limited in their creativity and cannot produce worldwide designs like the Vietnamese. It may be from many reasons that I should not mention here, you name it.

Flaminpop, a Vietnamese pop up card manufacturer is one of the best out of here.

pop up card manufacturer

Flaminpop – a pop up card manufacturer from Vietnam.

We are now running for the busiest sales season of the year, the Christmas season; however, there are many other choices for you such as Birthday, Love, Flower, Animal, Thank you, Get well soon … for all year long selling. Or you can choose to have some custom 3d pop up cards for special occasions next year. Mother’s day, Father’s day, New year… are the best recommended.
As we are aiming to satisfy customers upon opening our pop up card, we offer you our best quality from every single product. You will distinguish not only from the designs but also the texture of paper when having it on hands. Also, we are here to make your idea into reality by supplying you with custom pop up cards service.

People usually think that a great pop up card should be colorful and eye catching. However, there are a lot of effects that should be taken into account. Paper weight, cover texture, designs, or even the printing on the cards can make different among these cards. At Flaminpop, we know that. And we are using the best techniques of making cards here in Vietnam for the most attractive and nice pop up card designs.



We can soon can be one of the leading pop up card manufacturer in the world.

pop up card design pop up card supplier

pop up card designs

Since 2019, Flaminpop was just a small start up of pop up card manufacturer based in Hochiminh city. Now we are having a four times bigger site with 3 teams of productions and designing.

We have skillful 3D pop up card maker and an experienced designer team who can make up to 30 new unique pop up cards per month, and produce more than 100.000 cards per month. We are proud and confident enough to bring you the best quality.

At Flaminpop, we learn that people are the core of business .We also offer team building trip, support for those who work far from home, snacks and drinks between break times, lunch support… our site are full of laugh and pressure free, decorated with many things for creative activities.

Let’s try with us the first custom design, we will not let you disappointed. You can visit their site here to have contact or send to their email: You also can catch up their news on Facebook for the fastest communication.

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