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What is pop up card?

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Pop up means something suddenly appears to catch your attention. That is applied for many different fields in our lives, from the marketing purposes to individual ones. A pop up card(or 3d pop up card, greeting card pop up) keeps the same meaning when you open a pop up card, a meticulous stationary made of paper shows up and surprises people. It may be about adding one more dimension on a traditional 2D card to make 3D cards, it about how people love the designs as well.

When was pop up work first created?

It is believed that the first pop up artwork was a book made by Ramon Llull (ca. 1232 – 1315) who later became a martyr in the Roman Catholic church. Called a “Lullian Circle,” the device was composed of several revolving, affixed circles each annotating an ideal. It looked more machinery than a book itself.

How is a pop up card made?

People developed pop up artworks for a very long period of time through out the world. However, as far as I concern, the ones who made it an art are the Japanese, later created Kirigami techniques. “Kiri” means “cut” and “gami” means “paper”. As the name telling itself, paper are mainly used to make these artworks. For the long lasting effect, casual paper cannot be applied instead of art paper which allow the artisans to bend, cut, add-on, glue printing… and do many other applications on their pop up. Its making process is such nice and time consuming.

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Where could you find a fine pop up card?

Nowadays, pop up greeting cards are sold globally in offline stores in outdoor markets, supermarkets, bookstores in the EU and online stores on Amazon. You can easily find one, but you may take time to decide what you should buy. Believe me that is not an easy choice since there are many, many beautiful designs which make you hesitate to pick.

Where to find a pop up card manufacturer?


If you are a businessman (or businesswoman) who would like to run a pop up card business, Vietnam pop up card manufacturers should be your perfect option. They are not only creative to make for your custom designs, but also produce the finest pop up cards for you than others. Just check with the Flaminpop company, follow the link of their website here or contact them via the email: You will not be disappointed with what they can do. To see more designs available online, please look up in the and visit their page for the soonest contact.

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