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1. What is a pop up card?

By adding one more dimension to a casual 2D (two dimension) greeting card, a 3D pop up card was made and smitten by many people around the world. Surely, someone would show their surprises once looking at a 3D model popping up on the opening card. In 1860s, first invented by Luther Meggendorfer and now design pop up greeting card becomes popular but still remained as a treasure for those who collecting it.

After WW2, the pop up cards are now back to the market of gifting for everyone to buy and soon become a business which is now considerable.

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2. Where to find a good pop up card supplier?

When it comes to supplier for everything, you may find China is the best one. However, this time I would like to introduce a Vietnamese supplier named Flaminpop. With many years of manufacturing and designing pop up cards, Flamipop is a promising partner who can make your idea into reality on the custom made pop up cards.

You can find their designs here at and take this into your consideration. They are surely reliable not only to produce but also to custom design for you.


3. What is custom design pop up card?

happy birthday pop up card 001

With a quick pace of development, pop up cards are now not only made from colored high quality paper, but also are printed to be more attractive and creative. From an original design, you may create an original paper cut pop up model which is familiar to the adult to a colorful version, enjoyable by both children and the older. For example, the birthday cake designs are the one customized the most, you can find hundred of designs on Etsy or Amazon.

4. Where to find a designer for custom design?

Lucky for you that I have a suggestion for you soon after thinking of this. The Flaminpop would be an ideal custom design supplier for you. As mentioned, Flaminpop offers you the best solution in Vietnam since they have experienced designer team who can create up to 15 new designs per month and for more if you need.

5. Why should you try having greeting card pop up with Flaminpop?

That is a good question because you are concerning well for your business. Flaminpop knows you as the profit shall be the best, the other comes later.

Flaminpop is one of Vietnamese pop up manufacturer who can make you customer design pop up card and produce with the a professional manner, quick but reasonably pricing. Let’s give them a try for the first project of your own custom design.


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