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One of the way of greeting each other.

Greeting is one of the way people communicate in daily life. This is to show there feeling, their appreciation and their passion to something that may need more effort to express. People casually pay for physical items to help them over a long speech, and that works. For that reasons, we come up with greeting cards as a good idea.

What is pop up card?

Greeting cards are well-known as a piece of paper with a specific theme decoration such as happy birthday, merry Christmas or happy new year… However, they had just just been normal as a 2D printed and hand-written paper for so many years until the pop up cards were created. It turn these cards into a more attractive and impressive than ever with 3D pop up models inside the cards. That is pop up greeting card or also called 3D pop up card.

pop up card manufacturer

Where to find a nice pop up card?

In the past, it would be difficult to find a pop up card and it was usually sold in some offline stores. You also might travel so far to Vietnam or Chin

a to have these cards since the pop up card manufacturers locating there. Now it is more convenient when you can find them online easily. Just type on Google or Amazon to have these cards shown up and click to buy them. You may find this is reasonable to gift than any 2D cards.

Where to find a pop up card manufacturer?

When it comes to business, you are searching for a pop up card manufacturer for your sales. That would be recommended that you search for Vietnamese pop up card makers. The quality and their designs can weight over the other manufacturers globally. Do not compare the cost, because you will receive what you pay. One of the leading pop up card maker in Vietnam is Flaminpop, with the strength of Custom designs who can help you to make literally every ideas real. From a building to a mountain or small as a bug on a bunch of flower, you can have it with Flaminpop to sell with an advantage of unique designs.


custom design pop up card


Why should you try pop up card custom designer?

Custom design is one of the advantage of doing business that the Flaminpop offers for customers. You can have your own significant image of designs with your choice, your theme, your will. Custom design can be the new version of an old design Or it can be something new itself without original footprint. Let’s try with us to have a fresh greeting card pop up together.

Let’s find them at or contact them via to have the first step of everything.

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