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In my opinion, the word “best” cannot be defined correctly. Because it depends on individual thoughts, feelings, experience rather than the whole world saying. For example, you cannot tell Cristiano Ronaldo the best football player to a person who has no interest in sports. Or you may find your Kpop idol is the best, not any other US/UK popular singers.

Therefore, I will tell you with my experience in this article. And you may want to try it as its can be a new adventure to enjoy. This is about my journey to find a pop up card (pop up greeting card) supplier in Vietnam.


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  • Flaminpop is one of your choices of 3d pop up card suppliers

A nice place to find great people who love pop up cards.

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I have met the owner of Flaminpop company, a pop up card supplier and designer, months ago in Vietnam. What I could tell about Flaminpop is the peaceful atmosphere when I came there. The employees were carefully crafting pop up and the machines were quietly run to cut on paper. In Vietnam, you may find this place a symbol of the tranquil air happening everyday.

At Flaminpop, you are shared with ideas every time they got, and new designs made every week. Their custom designs are strong enough to gain you a trust that you may have your own designs of pop up card to sell. And they are definitely good at making them. There is always a difference between the ones sold on Amazon and their designs. But it does not mean that the designs are not well-sold, there are some of their designs now dominating Amazon pop up card market.

One more extra note is that Flaminpop is one of the greatest pop up card suppliers in Vietnam, it means they can also provide you mass production of pop up cards with very low price. What you can care is that how to run your own business at your destination and no longer worry about the production or designs. Flaminpop can offer you all here. From the pop up cards to the envelopes, leaflets or packing, even the shipping.

Why don’t you go faster and contact them for an advantage in selling these cards. Let’s find them at to see their available online designs or contact them via to have the first step of everything. Or connect them via Facebook messenger and their page.

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