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Why do people gift greeting cards?

From the beginning of human history, people casually gifted each other animal teeth, bones or shaped rocks to build up and reinforce social relationships among a certain community. Nowadays, gifting culture has had been remained and even more flourish than ever since people are having too many choices that make them confused.

What are greeting cards?

Greeting cards is one of the gifting forms when people carefully select decorative cards and send with wishes, congratulations, or other feeling written in the cards.
This could be ideal for those who don’t have much time or money to choose real items for saying what they think of the relationships. But to choose suitable cards, that should be very complicated, or nothing difficult.

How to find a suitable greeting card?

There would be some reasons why you should choose greeting cards.
1. It is more personal than the other gifting methods. In the present day, people often use digital greeting templates supplied by online sources. But do you think it is good to send without any consideration? Whether the receivers would have taken the same one from another person? Be sure your gift is yours and for you to gift only.
2. Gifting greeting cards requires more effort and show more than that. When your lover takes the card, she/he may feel the shape, share the look at the card, make eye contact … and more. It is more emotional.

My recommendation of cards for you.

You may think of a simple greeting card that can be found anywhere. But you may spend a little more time choosing something special like these pop-up cards. You can follow this link to access more designs.

1. The T-rex pop up card

the lava t rex pop up card 002
2. The Touring car pop up card

3. The stork carrying baby pop up card

pop up card stork carrying baby 003
4. The birthday cake pop up card.

happy birthday pop up card 001
Custom design for b2b

Have you ever thought of having a pop up card for your own business on Amazon or for your gift store? We have a recommendation for you that the Falminpop, one of the greatest pop up card manufacturer and designer in Vietnam. They can help you the make your own cards for your business or your marketing purposes. Just feel free to contact them via this link or visit their Facebook site and send them your requests. You will not be disappointed for sure.

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